What’s faster? Watch us race from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by high-speed train and Uber

Our latest YouTube video features something a little different! We’ve raced to Edinburgh, Scotland; Amsterdam; Paris; Leeds, England; and even Heathrow Airport. However, we’ve never ventured outside of Europe.

This time, we head to the Middle East to find the fastest way of getting between two of Israel’s biggest cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, racing from the beach to the holiest Jewish site, the Western Wall.

I took public transport all the way, starting off on an electric scooter, taking the new high-speed railway line, followed by the Jerusalem light rail and, finally, a sprint through the Old City to the Western Wall.

Liam took a more relaxed and refined journey, ordering an Uber from point to point for the 70-kilometer (43 1/2-mile) journey.

You can watch the whole experience and find out who won right here on YouTube:

Nicky Kelvin — public transport

We paid: 12 British pounds (about $14)

It was a hot day in Israel, and the 86-plus-degree (Fahrenheit) heat was not conducive to running through the streets. However, I did my very best. The scooter was easy to find and a fun way to see some of  Tel Aviv on the way to HaHagana train station. The high-speed train was quick and cool, as was the light rail train that was waiting for me at the other end.

The final sprint through the Old City was also a hot one, but the surroundings were incredible. Had I not been racing and able to slow the pace down, it would have been a fascinating journey past some iconic sights of three of the world’s major religions.

Liam Spencer — Uber

We paid: 100 British pounds (about $119)

This was the cool, relaxed and stylish option. Liam simply had to pull up the Uber app, hop in the car and sit tight as his driver headed up the stunning winding roads to the hills of Jerusalem.

The huge downfall here was the price, which was almost 10 times the amount of public transport. Liam also took a huge risk, as the route between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can often be plagued by terrible traffic.

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